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Can I keep my house, car and any other assets and still qualify for Medicaid?


 Our qualified team will define, develop and implement a strategy to achieve your families estate planning goals that could save 60-100% of your assets while still qualifying for Medicaid.



What are the requirements to qualify for Medicaid? 


We  will discuss the current Medicaid guidelines as they relate to  the following: 


INCOME of both the applicant and spouse (if married), such as Social Security benefits, pensions, civil service annuities, Veterans benefits, royalties etc.


ASSETS compiled from bank and investment accounts, insurance policies, burial funds, oil/gas/mineral rights, real estate (other than your homestead),etc.


TRANSFERS of money and property within the "look-back" period will be addressed as well as strategies to mitigate any penalties. 

MEDICAID ESTATE RECOVERY PROGRAM    (MERP) We will discuss whether any assets have to be turned over to the state after  the death of a loved one.



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